Passolo 2018


New integrations

  • SDLXLIFF file format is now available for the import and export of Passolo string lists, for easy transition between RWS translation tools.
  • Trados Studio has optimized integration with Passolo allowing translators to benefit from Studio’s powerful productivity and quality features.
  • Trados GroupShare integration enables distributed teams to share translation tasks and review in real-time using the new secure online editor.
  • provides a secure platform to store files and synchronize translators' updates saving time for the project manager.

Rich support of file formats

Passolo 2018 provides rich support for a number of file formats and languages. From the latest Microsoft .NET file filters to sophisticated parsers supporting the localization of mobile applications, you can work on a wide range of software localization projects across all Passolo editions.

Software localization features

  • Visual localization using an intuitive editing environment for maximum translation quality. The “What You See Is What You Get” editor displays software menus and dialog boxes in the same way as when the software is running. 
  • Localization of devices (embedded systems) by means of special testing and display functions. This allows the translator to see whether the translated text fits in the limited area of the screen.
  • Pseudo-translation allows developers to test the software and prevent globalization errors such as hard-coded texts at the early stage of the localization process.


Project management features

  • Update feature for easy translation of new software releases. This feature can be used to compare the content of new software files with the project database and then transfer any new or modified text into the project.
  • The Alignment function allows you to automatically import previous translations and layout adjustments into the project database.
  • View the full history of edits including the ability to roll-back to previous versions.
  • Support for Agile development processes though an easy-to-use Synchronization function, allowing the import of the latest translations.
  • Improved user management and task management within projects.

QA checking

  • Sophisticated UI checks find truncated texts, overlapping control elements, missing or inconsistent access keys etc.
  • Technical consistency checks find missing translations, monitor the correct usage of tab and space characters and indicate whether incorrect characters have been used in the target code.
  • User defined checks use placeholders to check for correct usage. User-defined placeholders can be found and checked thanks to inline patterns.
  • Linguistic consistency checks monitor the correct usage of specified terminology, find prohibited words, forbidden terms in the translation and inconsistencies across the reoccurring text entries.


Translation productivity features

  • The Internal Translation Memory can be used for automatic pre-translation and interactive translation of individual text entries.
  • Integration with Trados Studio, MultiTerm and the corresponding server components from Trados GroupShare.
  • Connection to machine translation including the neural machine translation capabilities from Language Weaver, provides access to industry-specific engines, and the ability to add your own terminology. Connections to Microsoft and Bing and Google Translate are also available.
  • Saveable filters, as well as the ‘find’, ‘replace’, ‘sort’ and ‘group’ functions, facilitate navigation in large projects.
  • Auto-Propagation makes it easy to translate repeating text entries and to insert unique access keys.
  • Text length checks can be character based for standard PC applications or pixel based for embedded system localization.

Customization and integration

  • Command line interface - all versions of Passolo can be automated via the command line, and therefore integrated into a build server environment for software production.
  • The COM object model and the integrated development environment allow for the automation of recurring tasks or complete integration with external systems. 
  • The Passolo software development kit (SDK) provided users with the ability to develop their own add-ins, for example when localizing user-defined file formats with simultaneous display of the software interface.
  • RWS AppStore - download add-ins from the RWS AppStore to extend your Passolo functionality or integrate with third party systems.