Connect to Language Weaver 

MT in Trados 

Helping you accelerate your productivity using the latest technology for secure machine translation.

Access free NMT from Language Weaver

Language Weaver is designed for translators looking to use the latest in secure neural machine translation (NMT) to automatically translate content.

Translators using Trados Studio can take advantage of Language Weaver and access up to six million free NMT characters per year, per account. However, if your organization requires a more comprehensive and tailored solution, please get in touch.

To find out how to use NMT as part of your next translation project follow the instructions below.

How to activate Language Weaver in Trados Studio 

 Trados Studio 2022 and 2021

  • In the Translation Memory and Automated Translation dialog, select Use… and then Cloud-based resources from the drop-down list. 
  • In the Cloud-based resources dialog, ensure Machine Translation is selected from the drop-down list. 
  • Select a Generic – NMT translation model for the language pairs you would like to use.

Alternatively, you can connect to Language Weaver via a free plug-in from the RWS AppStore. Follow the steps in theRWS Community to configure the plug-in. 

How to activate Language Weaver in the cloud 

Trados Studio 2021 and 2022 users have free access to cloud capabilities, enabling you to move seamlessly between online and offline working. To work with Language Weaver in the cloud, follow these simple steps: 

  • Then, create a Translation Engine and attach Language Weaver. Head to Resources, select Translation Engines, and choose an existing Translation Engine to edit or select New
  • In the Create a Translation Engine window, select Add Machine Translation Model and choose Language Weaver. Save and close your settings. 
  • Now attach the Translation Engine as a resource when creating a project. Learn how to create a cloud project here.