What's New in Trados GroupShare 2020

Enabling flexible, data-driven project management to improve translation efficiencies

Analyze, measure and improve the operational efficiency of your translation process. GroupShare 2020 delivers significant improvements in business intelligence, project management functionality and agile translation capabilities that allow users to manage their projects effectively and efficiently.

Business intelligence at your fingertips

Optimize processes, uncover emerging trends, and identify issues early on with the help of the new analytics and reporting capabilities found in GroupShare 2020. Thanks to a level of visibility and granularity not previously available, project managers can make more informed decisions that will help improve project management.

New in GroupShare 2020 SR1:
Post Translation Analysis

Post Translation Analysis, an enhancement in GroupShare 2020 Service Release 1 (SR1), provides a detailed overview of the contribution of each project member to the localization effort (by document). Through this automatically generated report, project managers can clearly and easily see the number of words, segments and characters translated by each translator who has worked on a project file.

Greater project insight

Manage projects effectively by utilizing GroupShare's flexible reporting. Use filters and change report criteria to get a more meaningful view and see where you need to focus your time.

Improve performance

Discover emerging trends, identify issues such as in TM leverage, and learn how resources are used across projects. GroupShare's new reports present project managers with information that can lead to process improvements.

Prioritize effectively

Reduce the time spent on managing projects. Task reporting provides a transparent, single view of all current tasks. This visual indicator of project health means issues can be easily spotted and addressed.

Powerful online translation editing

Make it easier for your team to create high-quality translations by providing more flexible ways to translate. GroupShare's new Advanced Online Editor provides a sophisticated, agile browser-based translation environment that blends classic productivity features, with richer capabilities that are ideal for professional translators. With GroupShare, teams can now combine browser and desktop ways of working to create their ideal translation process.

Greater flexibility and control – updates for the project manager

Greater flexibility and control

Improve project management efficiency by working the way you want. GroupShare now offers users the ability to do more via the web interface; from creating and editing project templates to finalizing projects and updating translation memories. This will mean project managers spend less time moving between the desktop and web interface. Export and share your translation project reports for greater insights and increased visibility within the organization.