Self-paced eLearning

The Trados training team are pleased to offer you a full curriculum of self-paced, eLearning to help Translators get from a new through to advanced user.

eLearning offers participants the ability to learn at their own pace with a bookmark facility that enables learners to stop and start the course to suit them. The course is modular in structure allowing time to absorb information before proceeding to a new topic. The course, accessed via our RWS University learning portal, can be viewed again as needed, providing a valuable tool to refresh knowledge. In addition to the actual eLearning course you will be given access to the corresponding training workbooks and sample files to help you practice what you have learnt on the course. You will also be given access to the relevant Trados Certification exam and the ability to promote your Trados exam success via your SDL Account page.

All Trados eLearning courses are accessed via our RWS University learning portal.

*Please note - the eLearning training is only available in English

An overview of the courses

Trados Studio Part 1 - Translating


This course is designed for new users and will take you through the key features of Trados Studio so you can get started with your translations.

The 140 minute course consists of eight individual modules. The first module introduces you to CAT tool technology and the translation process. The remaining modules present you with the core features of Studio while translating a Word, PowerPoint and Excel document.

1. Introduction to CAT tools and the translation process (15 mins)

You will be shown:
  • what CAT technologies are
  • what benefits they can bring to your translation projects
  • where the different databases (translation memory, termbase & AutoSuggest dictionary) fit in to the translation process
2. Introducing the software (15 mins)

You will be shown:
  • the prerequisites needed
  • starting up the software for the first time
  • the user interface
  • how to select a file for translation along with the source and target languages
  • how to create a new translation memory
  • how to open an MS Word document 
3. Translating a single file (MS Word) - part 1 (20 mins)

You will be shown:
  • how to change the font size
  • how to confirm a segment
  • examples of translation memory matches
  • how number substitution works
  • how to apply formatting
  • how to add a termbase
  • how to insert a tag

4. Translating a single file (MS Word) - part 2 (20 mins)

You will be shown:
  • what is meant by the structure information
  • how to produce a preview
  • interactive preview in action
  • how to save a document
  • how to copy source to target 
  • the various tag view options
  • how to save a target file
5. Translating a single file (MS PowerPoint) (20 mins)

You will be shown how to:
  • add an AutoSuggest dictionary
  • use an AutoSuggest dictionary
  • use date localization 
  • edit the source text
  • generate a PowerPoint preview
  • conduct a concordance search
  • merge segments 
  • show white space characters 
  • save an MS PowerPoint target document
6. Translating a single file (PDF) (20 mins)

You will be shown how to:
  • open a PDF document
  • merge segments across paragraphs
  • analyze files
  • read an analysis report
  • preview a PDF document 
7. Translating a single file (MS Excel) (10 mins)

You will be shown how to:
  • open an MS Excel document 
  • add a termbase
  • insert terms
  • show only term suggestions
  • preview an MS Excel document
8. Using segment fragments during translation (20 mins)

You will be shown:
  • what segment fragment matching is
  • how segment fragment matching works
  • how to use segment fragments
  • segment fragment matching for partial TUs
  • how to upgrade a translation memory
  • how to configure your project settings for fragment matches
  • partial fragment matches in action

Trados Studio Part 2 – Working with the supply chain and pre-production


This 120 minute course consists of seven individual training modules. This course is designed as a follow up to the Trados Studio Getting Started Part 1 course and covers the following functionality.
  • Working within the translation supply chain - using Trados Studio to process project packages (Trados Studio and WorldServer packages and GroupShare)
  • Delivering translation jobs to the supply chain
  • Creating TMs and termbases using legacy content (e.g. converting Excel glossaries, aligning already translated documents, and generating your own AutoSuggest dictionaries)

You should complete Trados Studio Getting Started Part 1 - Translating course before starting this course.

1. Customizing the user interface and introducing project packages (40 mins)

You will be shown how to:
  • customize the user interface
  • open a project package and view the Analyze Files report
  • choose from several translation memory suggestions
  • use included resources within the project package 
  • display the full termbase entry and add terms 
  • customize the tag view and insert tags
  • use the tag verification
  • add comments
  • use the display filter
  • create a return project package and complete a project
2. WorldServer packages and GroupShare (15 mins)

You will be shown how to:
  • open an WorldServer package
  • edit PerfectMatches
  • create a work in progress report
  • create and deliver an WorldServer return package
  • connect to GroupShare and open a GroupShare project
  • check out a GroupShare project
  • check in a GroupShare project
3. Aligning legacy files (25 mins)

You will be shown:
  • what is meant by alignment
  • how to align single and multiple file pairs
  • how to review the alignment results and confirm segments
  • how to split a segment
  • how to disconnect and edit a misalignment
  • how to insert a segment
  • how to import the alignment results
4. Creating AutoSuggest dictionaries and termbases (15 mins)

You will be shown how to:
  • create your own AutoSuggest dictionary
  • create your own termbase from an Excel glossary
  • use MultiTerm convert and import content into a termbase
5. Legacy resources (10 mins)

You will be shown how to:
  • add your legacy language resources
  • use your legacy language resources

6. Fuzzy match repair (10 mins)

You will be shown:
  • what fuzzy match repair is
  • fuzzy match repair in action

7. RWS AppStore (5 mins)

You will be shown:
  • how to download and install a plug-in from the RWS AppStore
  • how to use the newly installed plug-in

Trados Studio Intermediate


This 105 minute course consists of five modules and is a follow on from the Trados Studio - Getting Started part 1 & 2 courses. It is designed for users who want to go beyond the basics of Trados Studio and take their translation environment to the next level.
  • Effectively processing multiple files through projects
  • Batch tasks, e.g. document pre-translation
  • Project statistics and reports
  • Advanced editor features
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Review processes

Trados Studio - Getting Started - Translating (part 1) course
Trados Studio - Getting Started - Working with the Supply Chain and Pre-production (Part 2) course
1. Project introduction and setup (20 mins)

You will be shown:
  • the reasons to use a project
  • how to create a project
  • the project statistics and reports
2. Translating project files (30 mins)

You will be shown how to:
  • check the project settings
  • filter segments
  • insert special characters
  • filter the display based on text strings
  • find and replace
  • change the segmentation on the fly
  • split or merge segments
  • adjust font sizes 
  • create AutoText entries on the fly
  • finalize the project 
  • export the target files
  • mark the project as complete
3. Using a project template & merging project files (10 mins)

You will be shown how to:
  • use a project template
  • merge project files
4. Verification settings & automated quality assurance (25 mins)

You will be shown:
  • segment verification settings
  • how to translate a merged file with verification and auto-propagation settings 
  • automated quality assurance
5. Review and sign-off (20 mins)

You will be shown how to:
  • review files with tracked changes and comments
  • complete the review and finalize the project
  • customize keyboard shortcuts

Trados Studio Advanced


This 3 hour course consists of ten modules and is a follow on from the Trados Studio – Intermediate course. It is designed for users who are already familiar with Trados Studio, and want to leverage the advanced product features to work even more efficiently and streamline their processes further by translation memory maintenance – keeping your TM resources lean and efficient, localization of XML content, customized automatic quality assurance rules and enhanced workflows for different file types: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign.


An understanding of the following functionality which may have been gained through training or by experience working with Trados Studio: views and user profiles, how to create a new translation memory, how to increase translation speeds when translating MS Word documents using the extensive range of new features, translating multiple files (MS Word and MS PowerPoint), quality assurance (QA checker) and AutoSuggest™.

1. Maintaining translation memories (25 mins)
  • maintain your translation memories and export & import translation memory content
2. TM language resources (10 mins)
  • manage abbreviations and variable lists within language resources
3. TM fields & options (25 mins)
  • translation memory fields and search options & penalties
4. Translating XML files (20 mins)
  • how to translate XML files
5. Using regular expressions in Trados Studio (10 mins)
  • how to use regular expressions in Trados Studio
6. Fine-tuning through file type options (15 mins)
  • how to manage file type settings
7. Pseudo-translation (10 mins)
  • the pseudo-translation round-trip
8. Reviewing translated files (30 mins)
  • review translated files in Trados Studio and complete segment verification
  • review in Microsoft Word and sign off a project
9. PerfectMatch (15 mins)
  • about PerfectMatch
10. Trados Studio Apps (20 mins)
  • the RWS AppStore and TM Repair app and TM Management app

Passolo 2022 - Getting Started

This eLearning course provides an overview of the fundamental concepts of Passolo 2022. When done, you will have a good understanding of the tool. The course offers a mix of theoretical knowledge and software demonstration videos.

Recommended System Requirements

We suggest using the Google Chrome browser when accessing Trados eLearning. Here is a full list of system requirements:

Windows: Internet Explorer 10 or later, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)

Mac: Safari (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)

Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 8 or later, Google Chrome in Apple iOS 8 or later, Google Chrome in Android OS 4.1 or later

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Barbara Peters
Barbara Peters
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"Very easy to follow. All the important stuff was there. Very good for first time translators with Trados."
Ralph Fanola
Ralph Fanola
Senior Spanish Linguist & Interpreter
"I learned so much from this course. This was the best course ever! Now I feel confident in that I can start using Trados Studio finally the way I was supposed to use it for the first time!!! Thank you!!! :)"
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Jean-Claude Robert Elias
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"5 stars. This is what I call a near-perfect job. Thank you very much."
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Gemma Eastabrook-Bonet
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