Trados Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trados Certification?

Trados Certification is the industry's premier technology based certification which provides a recognized standard of excellence in Trados software knowledge.

Do I need to be Trados Certified to accept project work?

Absolutely not, however holding the credential proves your level of expertise in the translation technology and will make you more interesting to a potential employer.

What is the process to become Trados Certified?

The process for becoming Certified is simple: 

  1. Select your certification exam for either Trados Studio or MultiTerm. 
  2. To help you prepare for your certification exam we recommend you take the relevant Trados Approved Training course or work through the course manual and sample files provided as part of your Trados Certification exam. 
  3. You can move up the Certification ladder by mastering each level

How long will it take to become Trados Certified?

This depends largely on your current experience in using Trados technology, some translators and project managers pass on the first attempt. Others who are just starting with the software prefer to take training courses or simply download our courseware to prepare themselves for the exams.

Find out more about our training options to prepare you for the exams.

How much does Trados Certification cost?

All Trados Certification exams are priced the same at: $69, £39, € 49, 6,000 Yen if purchased separately. Trados Certification exams are included with every Trados training course you purchase.

How long do I have after I have purchased the exams to take the tests?

There is no time limit for you to become Trados Certified.

Do I need to update my Trados Certification when new versions of the software are released?

Yes, your Trados Certification will be specific to the version of Trados Studio and MultiTerm.

What happens when I successfully pass the exam of the Trados Certification?

You will have achieved Certification for your respective level upon successful completion of the exams e.g. successful completion of the Level 1 exam will issue Level 1 certification. Once you have passed your chosen exam you will receive a link to download a Certification logo that you can display in your email signature or on your website.

How do I transition my 2017 certification to 2019?

Trados Studio Certification for Translators:

If you have already passed any of the Trados Studio 2017 exams you will be given the opportunity to take the Trados Studio 2019 New Features exam. If you pass that you will be have your specific Certification updated to the 2019 version. For example, if you have passed Trados Studio 2017 Level 1 exam and then pass the Trados Studio 2019 New Features exam, you will receive Trados Studio 2019 Level 1 Certification

MultiTerm Certification for Translators:

Anyone with MultiTerm 2017 Certification will be given access to take the MultiTerm 2019 exam.

Trados Studio Certification for Project Managers:

If you have the Trados Studio 2017 for Project Managers exam you will be given the opportunity to take the Trados Studio 2019 New Features exam. If you pass the New Features exam you will receive Trados Studio 2019 for Project Managers Certification

MultiTerm Certification:

Anyone with MultiTerm 2017 Certification will be given access to take the MultiTerm 2019 exam.

If you have older versions of the Trados Studio or MultiTerm exams in your SDL Account but have not yet taken them, they will remain in your SDL My Account. To keep your Trados Certification current individuals will need to purchase and take the new Trados Studio and MultiTerm 2019 exams.

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What is the difference between trainer-led classroom and trainer-led online training?

Trainer-Led Classroom courses are practical 1 day training sessions that can either be held at your company's office or through one of our Approved Training Centre facilities. 

Trainer-Led Online training is a 3 hour training session delivered by a live trainer via the internet (WebEx).

Where are Trainer-Led classroom courses delivered?

Trainer-Led classroom courses are delivered through our network of Approved Training Centers or at a customer's own chosen site

How is the Trainer-Led online training delivered, in which language, is it interactive and who is the caller?

Trainer-Led online training can be delivered in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish and Japanese. The Trainer-Led online training is delivered by a live trainer and there is the option to ask questions at the end of the session.

What is the duration and workflow of the Trainer-Led online training?

The duration of our Trainer-Led online courses is 3 hours. The workflow is a detailed in the individual course outlines.

How can Trados Certification help me win business?

For Translators:
The Trados Certification program has been developed with the aim of helping freelance translators achieve their professional development and career advancement goals. Additionally, all major translation community websites such as, Aquarius, TRADUguide, have recognised the importance of technology Certification alongside linguistic credentials and have added fields to display Trados Certification in their translator's profile area. Search results from these websites have shown that outsourcers actively look for persons who have the Trados Certification credential as a means of validating their level of expertise in the world's leading translation technology tools. 

For Translation Agencies:
Translation companies around the world have shown great interest in the Trados Certification program as they can see the benefits of ensuring a level of competency in translation software for themselves. Currently there are over 200 Language Service Providers around the world who have embraced the program. Additionally most of these companies are using the Trados Certification as a way to add value and attract more business, by differentiating themselves from the competition and actively demonstrating to their clients how they can leverage the efficiencies in the technology to their benefit.

Do I need to be trained in Trados Studio and MultiTerm to be Certified?

There are several ways to prepare for Trados Certification and definitely the best recommended option includes training for the translation tool of your choice either Trados Studio or MultiTerm. In fact according to Trados Training figures over 93% of the Translators and Project Managers that attended one of our training session passed their Certification exam on the first attempt. To find out more about the different training options available to suit your particular needs please visit our training page.
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