Think you know Trados?

Think again

Discover what Trados can do for your business

Think you know Trados? Think again!

Trados is often used as a generic term for a 'computer-assisted translation' (CAT) tool, which is not surprising when you realise that Trados has been in the market for more than 35 years! Over this time, the industry leading CAT tool has continued to evolve to meet our users’ needs with its new features and functionality. 

So if you think you know Trados, here are 4 questions designed to test your understanding and encourage you to re-evaluate how Trados can help you grow your business.


Think Trados is just a desktop solution?

Think again, it's a hybrid solution!

Trados Studio 2021, together with its cloud-based companion, Trados Live, give you the option to work from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

This means you can improve your customer satisfaction with unrivalled responsiveness to your clients' requests and stay on top of your work wherever you are. Watch this webinar to find out how to make this hybrid solution work for you.

Think Trados is just about leveraging a translation memory?

Think again, it's much more than that!

Studio 2021 offers the latest in CAT tool technology to improve your efficiency and quality. Not only can you get more from your translation memory using fragment matching but now you have access to neural machine translation (NMT) with over 3,000 language combinations. 

Watch the webinar to see how Studio can help you manage your client’s terminology and provide consistent quality translations, so that you have the confidence to address every file type that you're presented with.


Think Trados can't be personalised to meet your individual requirements?

Think again, make it your Trados!

Change the way your Trados Studio editor looks and create a translation environment that supports the way you work: customize your ribbon, change the layout, create keyboard shortcuts and access learning materials and technical support from the RWS Community, directly from within Studio.

Watch the webinar to see how you can extend your experience with the integrated RWS AppStore, where you'll find apps to add functionality and improve your productivity.

Think Trados can't be extended to meet your business requirements?

Think again, it is whatever you want it to be! 
Whether you are looking to diversify into other types of translation such as Audio-Visual Subtitling or for business administration support, the AppStore, now fully integrated into Studio, offers a variety of apps for your use. A great example is Business Manager Lite, where you can manage your client invoicing and quoting needs.


When you invest in Trados, you get much more than just a CAT tool

Get the reassurance and security associated with the industry leading CAT tool, now made even more significant by the RWS acquisition, plus... 

  • CAT tool technology that will continue to evolve, innovate and be developed
  • Support resources offered in different languages and different time zones, located in different offices around the world
  • Unparalleled learning and information resources, constantly updated and available for free to support your professional development
  • A unique AppStore with free apps designed to extend the functionality of Trados Studio
  • Perpetual or subscription payment options so you can manage your investment