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Gone are the days of opening two MS Word documents side-by-side to manually translate a document. Trados Studio has revolutionized how translators across the globe work, by offering core functionality within Trados Studio to help you save time and work more efficiently. Join us as we will take a deeper dive into this functionality so that you can learn how to best use both existing and new Studio 2021 features to help you save you time when completing your work. 

How will you use all the time you save by utilizing these features? We've gathered some of our best resources aimed specifically at helping you grow and market your business. Use this saved time to accelerate your business to new highs!

Translation Memory
Machine Translation
Terminology Management
Trados Live
A translation memory is at the heart of Trados Studio and the key component in helping you translate quicker and more efficiently. A database that stores sentences, paragraphs or segments of text that have been translated before and stores them as translation units (TUs). 

Translation memories (commonly known as a "TMs") automatically recalls and suggests identical or similar matches as new documents are translated. This means text that has been previously translated never needs to be translated again. Making your TMs one of your biggest assets.

Watch the two-part training series below to help you get the most out of using translation memories in Trados Studio.

Translation Memories: The Basics

In this webcast, we will learn the basics of translation memories, including how a translation memory works, the difference between a translation memory and a termbase, translation memory features such as fragment recall and fuzzy match repair, adding existing content to a translation memory and general tips and tricks to manage translation memories. We'll also take a look at some new features in Trados Studio 2021 including how tags containing information about the formatting of your documents, such as font and color, are now automatically inserted into a translation segment.
beginners guide to studio
beginners guide to studio

Getting the Most from your Translation Memories

In this webcast, we will explore translation memory maintenance features, filters, penalties and translation memory settings, as well as TM-related features in Trados Studio, such as Retrofit and PerfectMatch. We'll also look at new Trados Studio 2021 features including the more powerful search function with an upgrade to the Advanced Display Filter, as well as improved automation and quality assurance (QA) with the ability to customize your recognition settings for Placeables such as dates, times and currencies.

Introducing Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Trados Studio is seamlessly integrated with state-of-the-art neural machine translation capabilities from RWS. Available in over 3,000 language combinations, our neural machine translation (NMT) provides high-quality instant translation results from our secure cloud. Our machine translation is the perfect solution for translators looking to use the latest in secure NMT to automatically translate content. With the high quality intelligent results that NMT provides, post-editing is reduced and the speed at which translation projects are completed is increased significantly.
beginners guide to studio
Acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations can be a cause of frustration for translators, especially when attempting to translate them without any clear guidance from the customer. Terminology management provides a way to work with your customer to help them organize their terms with a clear set of rules for their usage thereby ensuring that the correct term is used within a translation. By consistently applying the use of terminology management into your translation process, you can save time and increase the quality of your translation work by ensuring it is accurate.

Nora Diaz presents two webinars on terminology management. Choose your session, based on your level of knowledge and see how to Trados Studio to manage terminology both on the desktop and in the cloud.

Part 1: Managing terminology with MultiTerm

In this webcast, we will explore the basics to get started with terminology management focusing on MultiTerm. After an introduction to the basic concepts of terminology, we will learn how to create a termbase, edit it, add existing content to it and clean it up. We will also look at useful RWS AppStore apps to help us manage terminology.
beginners guide to studio
beginners guide to studio

Part 2: Handling terminology in Trados Studio

In this webcast, we will look at the way termbases are used in Trados Studio, including customizing the way terms are displayed, using termbase contents during interactive translation, searching termbases and verification, and managing terminology on the cloud.
Trados Live is the new and innovative translation productivity cloud that works seamlessly with Trados Studio to bring you a truly dynamic translation experience. Designed for everyone across the entire translation process, Trados Live optimizes the translation process meaning high-quality work is delivered faster and more easily. You can learn more by watching the two sessions below, or simply click here.

Why a Freelance Translator should consider a combined Trados desktop and cloud environment

Join us for an introductory-level webinar, where we explore working with a combination of Trados Studio 2021 and its cloud companion, Trados Live, and how this hybrid solution would benefit you as a freelance translator who works in a home environment.

This Trados solution offers you so much more than just the flexibility to work anywhere and on any device, this webinar aims to help you consider the advantages of a combined Trados desktop and cloud solution for yourself.

Want to know more?  There is a follow-on webinar available where you can learn more about how to use Trados Studio 2021 and Trados Live, you’ll see live demonstrations of the different ways you can seamlessly move between desktop and cloud working. Click here to access the webcast entitled ‘Combine cloud and desktop working with Trados Live and Trados Studio 2021’. 

beginners guide to studio
beginners guide to studio

This changes everything - introducing the Trados Live App

Trados Live is the innovative translation productivity cloud that seamlessly integrates with Trados Studio 2021, offering you the flexibility to work how, when and where you like from any device.
To accompany our cloud offering, we have developed the Trados Live mobile app - the perfect companion for the busy translation professional who needs to keep on top of their workload wherever they are. This mobile app is free for anyone with an Trados Live subscription.
Watch this webcast to discover how you can quickly and easily manage all of your projects directly from your phone.
  • Create new projects on the go
  • View project statistics and due dates
  • Quickly review where you are with any translation project
  • Review all the tasks in a translation project that have been assigned to you, and more.

Trados Studio 2021 Service Release 1 is now available!

Benefit from new product innovation and performance enhancements in Service Release 1
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