Tips to grow your translation business

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Build up your sales and marketing skills

In today's competitive translation industry where it's becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, many LSPs often tell us that growing their business is a struggle - whether it's expanding their client-base or retaining their existing accounts.

We know that there are numerous factors that go into making a translation agency a success, with sales and marketing particularly being a key factor. 

So to help busy translation professionals who often lack spare time, we've collated some easy-to-digest tips and guidance covering the key areas of sales and marketing, which can make a big difference to your business.

Sales tips
Marketing tips

How to attract and win new clients

When potential customers can easily hide behind barriers such as voicemail and email in today's digitized world, selling language services to new clients is more challenging than ever.

To help anyone involved in sales at their LSP, we asked Jessica Rathke, a localization sales expert with over 25 years' experience, to provide her top tips for gaining new business.



How to increase customer retention and reduce churn

Keeping existing customers is essential for any LSP when a high proportion of revenue is generated from repeat business. Everyone in your company is responsible for customer satisfaction, just as everyone has some involvement in sales.

Read these quick tips to learn what factors strongly influence customer retention and churn reduction, and how anyone can apply them.

What makes a successful sales call?

If you're new to sales, the mere thought of picking up the phone to call a potential client you haven't spoken to before can seem daunting. 

We interviewed two experienced Business Development Managers at RWS and asked them how they approach a typical prospecting call. Use their simple tips to help you prepare for your next sales win!

What makes a successful sales call?

How to increase traffic to your website using SEO

Did you know that only 6% of people look further than the first page of results when using a search engine? Practicing SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial if you want your LSP to be easily found. Your competitors are likely to be doing it, so you should be too if you want to claim that valuable space on the first page of search results.

Read these quick tips to learn how to make it easy for potential customers to find your website.


Social media tips to get your LSP noticed

For any translation business, utilizing social media platforms will provide endless opportunities to reach both new and existing customers. You can use these channels to advertise your service to a targeted audience, communicate with your clients, provide support and much more.

With these top tips, learn simple ways to bolster your LSP's social media presence to reach new clients, as well as strengthen customer loyalty.

10 marketing tips to win new business

Expanding your LSP while you're busy running it can seem like an impossible task. But with marketing, there's a lot you can achieve, with minimal effort if you know how.

Written by Carey Hedges, owner of a marketing agency, this guide presents marketing tips designed to increase your company profile, create more incoming inquiries and bring in more business.

Technology can make all the difference

With the world's most popular translation software at your disposal, your LSP will be well equipped to stay ahead of the game.