Think you know Trados?

Discover what Trados can do for your business

Think again!

With a 35 year history and a community of over 270,000 users, Trados is the most popular CAT tool on the market. But Trados is much more than that, it encompasses a wealth of innovative solutions for all areas of translation, designed to meet the continually advancing needs of an LSP business. So if you think you know Trados, why not take another look? Discover something you didn’t know that will help you to work smarter.

Think you know Trados? Think again.

Think Trados is just a desktop solution?

Think again! You get the best of both worlds with a hybrid desktop and cloud solution through Trados Studio 2021 and its cloud companion, Trados Live. Together they allow you to move between desktop and cloud working when it suits you, wherever you are. Translate, review or accept and manage projects on the move on your tablet or smartphone.

This dynamic, flexible way of working will make you and your team more efficient and more responsive to your customers' needs.

Think Trados is only for translators?

Think again! Project Managers are essential to the translation process and our cloud-based project management solution, Trados Live Team, reflects that.

Perfect for LSPs of all sizes, Trados Live Team is secure, fast to set up and works seamlessly with Trados Studio. It helps to streamline and automate some of the most essential, yet time-consuming project management tasks. 

You can also offer a better service to your customers with the Trados Live Team customer portal. They can submit and track translation projects directly, giving them an easier way to work with you.

Think you know Trados? Think again.
Think you know Trados? Think again.

Think Trados can't be customized?

Think again! We understand that every LSP works in a unique way and how important it is that your translation tools can be customized to suit your business.

Fully integrated into Studio 2021 and unique to Trados, the RWS AppStore has over 300 apps to help you customize Studio. You can also build apps using our open APIs, plus create your own private AppStore to securely distribute apps you have built along with any apps you have chosen from the AppStore.

For Trados Live Team users we also have connectors for an 'out of the box' solution to help you integrate Trados Live Team into your existing systems.

Think Trados is just technology?

Think again! Trados encompasses not only the best in CAT and translation project management technology, but an active program of support and education (E.g. online training, events, webinars), as well as the largest community of localization professionals in the world. Our global community is always on-hand to connect you to the right people, so you can discuss ideas or get answers to questions at any time.

Now part of RWS, making us the world's largest provider of language services and technology, we're more committed than ever to helping your business thrive.

Think you know Trados? Think again.