Discover what's new in SDL Trados Studio 2019

New Experience. Better Results.

What's new in SDL Trados Studio 2019?

Designed with the user experience at its core, the wealth of new features in SDL Trados Studio 2019 will help you create high-quality translations faster.

Instant access to every feature and setting with 'Tell Me' technology

Accessing a setting is now up to 4 times faster with 'Tell Me' technology - a new time-saving feature providing a quick route to all of the powerful features in Studio 2019.

  • Open the most commonly used features quickly
  • Discover powerful functionality you haven’t used before
  • Save time navigating through menus and settings

Get started easily with on-demand tips and tutorial videos

Studio 2019 has been designed to deliver an easy and intuitive way to get the most from your CAT tool as quickly as possible.

  • On-demand tips, tricks and tutorials
  • Access to knowledge at your fingertips, directly from within Studio
  • Master Studio’s powerful features easily and at your own pace
  • Existing users can easily discover new features or best practices

Effortless project creation

With the ever increasing trend of smaller projects being distributed within the translation industry, we have redesigned the project wizard to reduce clicks and make project creation easier – saving both time and effort.

  • Project creation now takes up to 28% less clicks than before
  • Use an existing template to create a project in just one easy step
  • For new, more complex or unique projects, additional steps are clearly mapped out

Simple project updates

Being sent new or updated files mid-project can be frustrating and re-configuring the files, time consuming. In Studio 2019, adding and updating specific files mid-project is now a much quicker and pain-free process.

  • Updating a file mid-project is now up to 82% faster
  • Quickly add a new file to an existing project in one simple step
  • Return to working on your project in the quickest possible time

Improved TM management

After creating your perfect translations, Studio 2019 helps you keep them up to date. Maintaining your most prized assets - your translation memories - has never been easier.

  • Gain more control over the Translation Memories Editor
  • View up to 1000 translation units per page
  • Navigate to a specific page or directly to the last page of a TM

Enhanced quality checks

Translation quality is the most important element in any project. Studio 2019 makes quality assurance (QA) checks more flexible and simpler than ever. There are new ways to customize QA settings for individual languages, such as punctuation, numbers, word lists and regular expressions.

  • Fine-tune language-specific QA settings
  • QA check reports have also been improved