Unlock the power of cloud

The benefits of combining cloud and desktop working for translators and project managers

Why cloud and desktop working make a brilliant combination

With cloud solutions taking over the world of technology, the number of translators and project managers choosing to work in the cloud is growing ever faster.

But why are they making this move? And why should you consider cloud if your desktop only solution is working well for you?

To show you how combining cloud and desktop working offers significant benefits, we're hosting a special webinar series with industry experts this February and March. We've also compiled a wealth of cloud resources, including videos, blogs, FAQs and more.

More about each session of our webinar series:


Insights from ELIA - Cloud working in today's translation industry

To kick-off our series, Diego Cresceri (President) and Alina Birsan (Vice President) of ELIA (European Language Industry Association) will join us for an insightful presentation looking at how cloud technology has impacted the translation industry today. Find out more about the current upwards trend in cloud and hybrid-working, and how this may impact you in the near future.

The benefits of combining cloud and desktop working

Discover the key reasons why a growing number of LSPs and freelance translators are choosing to work in the cloud, alongside a traditional desktop solution. Join us to learn how the benefits of this hybrid way of working can help make your day easier and boost the success of your translation business.


Trados cloud technology for project managers

Are you a project manager looking for a way to streamline processes and reduce manual tasks? In this session we’ll take a look at how our cloud solution for project managers, Trados Team, can help to complete translation projects up to 30% faster. 

Trados cloud technology for translators

In this session for translators, we’ll show you how simple it is to introduce cloud working to your existing way of working on the desktop. Learn how to enjoy ultimate work flexibility with the seamless integration between Trados Studio on the desktop, and its cloud capabilities.


Cloud security - your questions answered

When it comes to cloud working, security is a hot topic. We know that cloud technology users need to be sure they are working in a safe and secure environment. So join us for this session designed to answer your questions related to Trados cloud security.