RWS Campus Top Student Award Program

An opportunity to reward your top students each year

As part of the RWS Campus, you can award two free Trados Studio Freelance licenses to your top two students studying translation at degree or masters each academic year.

How it works

You decide who wins the award each year from criteria that you set. It could be the top exams results or even those who achieved the highest Trados Studio certification scores.

When you have selected your two top students, please ask them to create an RWS Account here using their personal email address by choosing the 'Sign up' tab. Once that's done, all you need to do is complete the form below. In return we'll send a certificate of achievement for each student and award them the Top Student icon in the RWS Community. We will then confirm the procedure for obtaining the Trados Studio license for their personal use.

What we need

In return we'd like to share the Top Student’s names and photos in our marketing materials and ask for a short quote or testimonial from them too in text or video form. This could also be your opportunity to promote the course you offer and tell us why you teach Trados Studio.

Student benefit

Each Top student receives a free Studio license to use after graduation which we hope will give them a great head start towards launching their future career as a translation professional. In addition they receive a certificate of achievement that they can use to promote their award.

How to apply

Please complete the details below to apply. The student names entered will be as they appear on the certificates. Please note, the form can only be filled in by academic professionals who belong to the university.

University information

First top student information

Second top student information

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