Benefits for Academic Institutions and Lecturers

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Teaching translation technology

Whatever a student’s career aspirations are, it is very clear that when they are deciding which academic course they want to apply for, a course that includes vocational training, can make one university much more desirable over another. Increasingly, universities are supplementing their language degree and masters courses with vocational modules, to support their students taking their language skills forward into a professional career.  For any new graduate entering the world of commercial translation and localization, they will find that Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools are now accepted practice for any localization professional in a translating business.

Benefits for academic members at a glance

  • Trados Live Team and Trados Studio licenses are provided for educational purposes at a highly discounted price
  • Professional Studio licenses can be networked on a server domain with full license control for the language lab being administrated by the academic institution
  • Additional licenses for lecturers and students for use externally to the lab (e.g. home use) can be made available on a time-limited license basis
  • Academic institutions can award their top two achieving students each year with a free Trados Studio license
  • A special Trados Academic Community area is available for news, updates and other member information
  • Academic institutions can offer recent graduates significant discounts on Trados Studio
  • Academic institutions can purchase Trados Studio licenses for their own business use at a discounted rate
  • Support is available, either formally through an product support agreement or informally via a community supported portal.

"Speed, accuracy and consistency are some of the key success factors for any a translator who is committed to offering top-quality services. Having an all-powerful productivity tool like Trados Studio will not only help me greatly improve the way I work in order to achieve those goals - it will also boost my professional profile as [using] the CAT tool of choice for most large clients."

Katerina Konstantopoulou – student at Metafrasi Translator Training Centre

Why choose Trados Studio?

So why teach Trados Studio as part of your linguistics course? Trados Studio is the market leading CAT tool used by over 270,000 translation professionals across the entire translation supply chain and is recognized across the globe as the tool of choice for translators, translation agencies and corporate translation teams. Ensure your students get the best possible start by including Trados Studio within your syllabus.

Trados has been working with academic partners since 2007, with over 600 members in the program and more joining every year. Join our academic program and we will put you in touch with your local representative who will discuss your individual requirements with you.

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Take advantage of the exclusive benefits offered to our academic members by joining the Trados Academic Program.

Benefits for students

From competitive student discounts to group buys, certification opportunities to internships, learn about all the benefits we provide to students and graduates.

University case studies

Read about why other universities have introduced Trados Studio into their curriculum.

Free Trados certification courseware and examinations

As part of Trados Academic membership, universities can offer students free Trados certification examinations. Students have the opportunity to gain this industry recognized qualification through a series of online professional training courses.

The training courses are presented in modular format and each module has an associated examination. Modules range from beginner to advanced and on successful completion of an examination, the students are awarded 'Trados Certified' status thereby proving CAT tool competency in the world's leading CAT tool.

Each examination comes with courseware material in the form of workbooks, presentations and sample files, to help prepare students prior to the Trados exam. We also supply an approved certificate which can be used to support job applications and to supplement CVs.

Details on how to offer this opportunity to your students can be found in the Trados Academic Community.

Award your top students

Member universities can award the two highest achieving students each academic year with a free Trados Studio Freelance license that they can use in their future career.

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Lecturers and professors that are members of the academic program are invited to join the Trados academic online community. Join today for members information, news and procedures.