What's new in Trados Studio 2022

Trados Studio 2022 builds on a long history of innovation, advancement and attention to detail in computer-assisted translation (CAT), all designed to address the diverse, evolving needs of our users. The 2022 release reflects a wealth of development that has taken place since the release of Trados Studio 2021, including: 
  • Better-than-ever synchronization between the desktop application and our cloud platform, letting you work wherever you choose.
  • New file types that help Studio cater to the widest variety of translation use cases, widening the scope of work you can decide to say 'yes' to.
  • Hundreds of updates made with the feedback of all of our users in mind, designed to help you work however you want. 
Whatever your needs as a business or individual, and whatever your personal preferences, Trados Studio 2022 is designed for you. 
Read our what's new brief for a full list of all of the new features and enhancements.