freelance translators guide fast career progression

Achieving Success as a Freelancer with ‘The Translator’s Guide to Fast Career Progression’

I have had the pleasure of working in the translation industry for over three and a half years, and in that time I have spoken with many freelance translators about the trials and tribulations of trying to run a ‘successful’ freelance translation business. I have put ‘successful’ in inverted commas here as often success means very different things amongst freelancers. For instance, it could mean earning more money for some, or for others, it could be finding more time and flexibility to enjoy all the things they value in life – family, friends, traveling, great food etc.

One thing that often features in our conversations is the struggle to focus on the development of skills required to ‘successfully’ run their own business. I am often told that one of the biggest barriers to focusing on this, is time. With clients often wanting their translations done yesterday, it is easy to understand why it can be difficult to prioritize time for professional growth. The other barrier that is commonly mentioned is that often, freelance translator’s primary skill is their linguistics, not necessarily formulating business strategy.

So, to help with this common problem – we have gathered several industry experts to provide their professional advice and have created a simple guide to help you enjoy navigating through this brand new collection of free support webinars, including (but not limited to):

Download the free guide

After downloading the guide and clicking through to the webinars that you are most interested in, you will notice that the titles follow a similar theme – they all start with ‘Tell Me’ at the beginning. This is to illustrate the use of one of SDL Trados Studio 2019’s most popular features, for both new and existing users. This feature enables you to find any command, setting or feature 4x faster in Studio 2019. Want to know more? Read about Tell Me technology here.

I hope you enjoy navigating our latest support resources and pick up some practical tips you can implement to help improve your freelance translation business and more importantly, help you move closer towards achieving your ‘success’.