SDL Trados GroupShare Cloud: a solid foundation for collaboration

Here at SDL we are continuously trying to improve our customers’ experience, and one thing we have heard loud and clear is that smaller translation teams need easier ways to work together without huge up-front costs.

Translation projects need to be flexible: deadlines are becoming tighter and tighter, and things often change at the last minute. As a project manager juggling multiple projects and tasks, you don’t need the extra stress of worrying about which projects are getting close to the deadline, whether the current stage of a project is progressing according to schedule, or remembering who is taking care of the next phase. You don’t need the hassle of sharing large files containing the resources for a project by email, or the concern that these might be accessed by those who don’t have permission.

The three pillars of collaboration: security, scalability and speed

Enter SDL Trados GroupShare Cloud 2017, the simple, straightforward cloud-based solution to your project-management related challenges. Not all clouds are fluffy: combining security, scalability and speed with simple subscription options, GroupShare Cloud provides a firm foundation but works adaptively for you to make collaborating with your teams more productive and less laborious.

SDL Trados GroupShare Cloud: security, scalability and speed

Security: safe data storage

We understand that all companies are concerned with protecting their data, and their customers’ data. We are concerned with this too. This is why GroupShare Cloud is hosted in the most secure facilities possible, on our server in the UK, and all data is backed up regularly.

This isn’t the only reason why GroupShare Cloud is highly secure. When you store your termbases and translation memories on the cloud platform, you can easily share them with the relevant users for each project, and only these users. You configure your settings and control who has access to what, and this access is revoked once a project is complete, so you don’t need to worry about your resources falling into the wrong hands or being misused.

Scalability: affordable, flexible solution

Your purchase of GroupShare Cloud is subscription-based so you can select from different options depending on your needs, and you don’t have to commit to buying an on-premise solution. It’s easy to set up your space within the platform: you only need your login details and an internet connection to get started. You can also add new users whenever you need to, accommodating for changes to individual projects or your growing business.

Speed: easy and efficient project management

As well as being quick and easy to set up, GroupShare Cloud increases the efficiency of project management by streamlining the process of project creation and making it simple to track progress. The project management dashboard gives an at-a-glance overview of all projects that you have on the go, and you can effortlessly follow each one’s progress through each phase.

When setting up your projects, you assign users to each phase, they will receive an automatic notification when the project is ready for them to start work on it, and they can download the relevant files directly from GroupShare Cloud. So you can relax in the knowledge that your project is proceeding without having to send files out yourself at each stage.

Sharing important assets is also as simple as ever with GroupShare Cloud. Not only can you conveniently store all resources needed for all projects in one central, secure location on the cloud, you can also share these with the click of a button. And depending on how you have set up your project, users working on it can access the files without you having to share these manually.

So GroupShare Cloud is the obvious choice for smaller translation teams wanting an easy and efficient way to work together: you will waste less time on avoidable admin tasks, giving you more time to focus on the important stuff.

Video: Benefits of SDL Trados GroupShare Cloud