Meet Matthias Heyn, VP Global Solutions, Customer Success Management

Meet some of our staff from SDL’s many office locations around the world and pick up some top tips along the way.

A little bit about you…

What is your name?

Matthias Heyn

What is your job role?

VP Global Solutions. I take care of some key accounts like the European Institutions. I specialize in public sector organizations and pharmaceutical labeling solutions.

Which SDL office do you work in?

Leuven office.

How long have you worked at SDL?

I’ve worked for SDL for many years – I was part of the initial founding group of Trados.

Let’s talk about SDL and the translation industry…

What is your favorite feature in an SDL translation productivity product?

Too many and I cannot single out one: Perfect Matching, AutoSuggest, MT Integration, Tracked Changes, the list goes on.

What excites you about the translation industry in 2016?

The move to workable collaborative productive online translation environments is very interesting. I would also say applying innovation in translation productivity to the enterprise and institutional world.

From your experience, what would be your best bit of advice for translators?

Embrace post-editing and be aware that Translation Memory (TM) and Machine Translation (MT) are merging into each other.

During your time at SDL, what is the most common myth that you’ve come across?

That we need a distinct set of Language Technology products for translation productivity and enterprise.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies…

Away from the world of translation, what do you do for fun?

Play the blues guitar and I enjoy running.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I love Bikram.

Where can we find you online?

I’m quite secretive online but you can find me on LinkedIn.

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