GroupShare 2020

Discover two LSPs experience of using the SDL Trados GroupShare Online Editor

SDL Trados GroupShare’s Online Editor

Since the release of our new translation project management software, SDL Trados GroupShare 2020, we have been following the progress of customers utilising SDL Trados GroupShare’s innovative features and monitoring the effects these have had on their businesses. 

Today, we are shining the spotlight on SDL Trados GroupShare’s Online Editor feature; the system's completely cloud-based editing environment which contains a rich assortment of translation-assisting features, such as access to translation memories and termbases. It enables translators and reviewers to work exclusively online, work concurrently on the same project together, and to translate and make changes to projects in real time. 

Below are some examples of how this one feature alone has transformed the productivity and efficiency of professional translation teams:

LANDEXX – The ease of review

German translation agency, LANDEXX, were looking to find a more reliable way of capturing the customers' input when they were reviewing the agency's work. 

Often, customers would change their mind about the use of a specific word or phrase in the translation and would amend them without providing the agency with an explanation as to why, and without updating the termbase with their preferred terms. This could cause further frustration as the agency would be working with an out-of-date termbase and so more likely to use these undesirable terms again. As you can imagine, this cycle of lack of communication and frustration could easily become perpetual, and even result in the loss of key customers. 

About 90% of LANDEXX's freelance translators use SDL Trados Studio as their CAT tool of choice, so to learn that SDL had a straightforward way for the agency to rectify this issue with almost immediate results was immensely gratifying for the team.

“It all makes a huge difference to the efficiency of review. With the Online Editor improving collaboration between us and our customers, we're completing projects about 30% faster than before, which our customers really appreciate.”

Read the full case study to learn how enabling reviewers to use the cloud-based SDL Trados GroupShare Online Editor helped LANDEXX build stronger customer relationships.

Production – Bridging the gap

When Belgian translation agency, Production, invested in SDL Trados GroupShare to streamline their translation projects, it also opted to join the SDL LSP Partner program and began actively encouraging its freelancers to invest in CAT tools. 

For Production, maintaining loyalty to its long-standing freelance translators was very important. The translation and localization industry is pushing forward at a demanding speed, however, despite this, Production was mindful of some translators' resistance to change.

CAT tools can be daunting for translators who are unfamiliar with this kind of technology, and so the browser interface of the Online Editor, which offers many of SDL Trados Studio's core productivity-improving capabilities, provides an easier first step to a CAT tool for translators who have never used one before.

“For us, it's a great way to bridge the gap between traditional translation and the way we need it to be done today.”

As well as extending the benefits of CAT technology to those without a CAT tool, learn about the other reasons for Production's appreciation of the Online Editor in the full case study.

In conclusion

These are just two examples of how the SDL Trados GroupShare Online Editor has enriched the working landscape for these translation agencies. For further information on all of SDL Trados GroupShare’s useful features, read our product brief which explores all the translation project management software's features in more detail. 

To experience the transformative effects of SDL Trados GroupShare for yourself, request a free trial and a representative will get in touch to discuss your requirements and answer any questions.