The road ahead for Trados and translation professionals
The road ahead for Trados and translation professionals
In this blog from Andrew Thomas, discover what the future looks like for Trados and translation professionals in a world where localization and it's technology are constantly evolving.
3 Axis: People, Process, and Technology
The three axis strategy to building your translation team: People, processes, and technology
In this new blog from Carlos la Orden Tovar, discover the three axes around which you should build a winning strategy, allowing you to handle your localization process in your own terms: People, Processes and Technology.
What's new in Passolo 2022
What’s new with Passolo 2022
The latest version of Passolo has arrived! In this blog, Monica Merel summarizes the exciting new functionality available in Passolo 2022.
5 myths about working in the cloud
5 myths about working in the cloud
If you’re a translation professional working day-to-day on your desktop CAT tool, I am sure you have begun to notice more of your favorite translation productivity tools offering an online option. But how do you know if working in the cloud is the right option for you and your business?
A Q&A with Luis Lopez
Trados Enterprise: A Q&A with Luis Lopes
We have recently changed the product name of RWS Language Cloud Translation Management to Trados Enterprise. For this blog, we wanted to take the opportunity to chat with Luis Lopes, our Principal Product Manager for Trados Enterprise, to get his view on key development milestones, a bit of background to the renaming, and look ahead to the future of TMS.
Ensure your business is scalable with Trados Live Team
What’s new in Trados Studio 2021 SR2
The latest Trados Studio 2021 service release has arrived. In this blog, Daniel Brockmann will summarize some of the exciting new functionality now available – from enhanced cloud compatibility and improved character handling to new file filters and APIs.
Ensure your business is scalable with Trados Live Team
Stay ahead of the competition: ensure your business is scalable with Trados Live Team
There are many ways translation businesses can differentiate themselves to remain competitive. Take a look at our top recommendations.
Technology isn't everything (but it helps)
Soft skills of translation teams: Technology is not everything (but it helps)
Discover how translation technology can alleviate the pressures of time consuming, repetitive work and give you time to focus on the much more valuable 'human' value of being a translation professional.
Trados tips for 2021
10 tips to make translating easier
Discover our favorite capabilities of Trados Studio 2021
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