10 Translation Tips for 2016 From #ata56

“If you had one translation tip for 2016 to share with the #ata56 community, what would it be?"

What a fantastic event ATA 56 was! It was great seeing all of the networking and knowledge sharing taking place and this why it is the best translation event of the year. With 2016 creeping up on us, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to ask various speakers at the event what their top translation tip for 2016 would be. Take a look at their advice below:


Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. You should always be proactive and not be afraid to try something new and exciting, even if you’re not sure what the outcome might be.


This year has seen a lot of focus on identifying a specialism for your freelance translation business, however, Corinne advises translators to adopt an all-round approach for setting goals in 2016.


Make sure your marketing efforts are working for you in 2016. Don’t take a broad approach; make it personal and targeted to attract the clients and jobs you really want next year.


Identifying a specialism you are passionate about will show through in the quality of your translations. By picking a specialism you will become much more knowledgeable in your chosen field, something you can utilize when looking for new clients.


Networking at events is great, but do not lose touch with your contacts, whether it is a fellow translator or a prospective client. Following up via email or a request on LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch and develop the relationship after the event.


Have a plan in mind for 2016. Whilst it is important to be flexible and reactive, a mapped out plan for the year will keep you on course to achieve the goals you set at the beginning of the year.


Work out the value of your translation work for 2016. Once you have decided your rates, stick to them!


Events such as the ATA Conference and the SDL Roadshows are a great way to network with fellow translators. As Sarah says, build that network of support, you will find it is very beneficial over the course of the year.


Get to grips with your CAT tool (I hope it’s SDL Trados Studio 2015). Learn it, understand what features benefit you the most and use this to your advantage when marketing your translation services.


The sky is the limit! Don’t be afraid to push yourself in 2016.

Do you have a translation tip for 2016? Leave a comment below.